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Discover the Top 10 HR Automation Tools 

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What is HR Automation?

HR automation has been gaining significant traction in recent times. HR automation involves leveraging specialized HR automation software to streamline routine tasks, saving time and resources. Automating HR processes like recruiting, onboarding, offboarding, and leave management has become increasingly popular.

By automating tedious tasks, HR professionals can allocate their time to more strategic responsibilities, adding greater value to the company. HR automation not only enhances efficiency and security but also minimizes the possibility of human error.

Why Automate HR Processes?

HR automation empowers companies to efficiently create, optimize, merge, and launch essential HR services at a reduced cost. Effectively implementing HR automation results in numerous benefits, such as:

  • Reduced staff turnover due to enhanced engagement
  • Increased company growth through efficient hiring practices
  • Decreased compliance risks or violations due to fewer data entry mistakes
  • Improved decision-making based on insightful reports

The first step to achieving these benefits is understanding the capabilities and limits of HR automation and how it can help your organization reach its objectives. By framing your goals with this perspective, you can identify where automating HR processes is most beneficial.

Top 10 Tools for HR Automation

oneflow Homepage
Source: Oneflow


Oneflow is an HR automation software that streamlines the entire contract process. It offers a user-friendly platform to guide you from pre-signature document preparation to post-signature actions. Oneflow ensures efficient routing, review, and electronic signing of contracts within your organization.

Aside from basic features like e-signatures, it can also help you create customized contracts, with additional features for analytics and collaboration, making it a great tool for automating HR processes related to document management.

BambooHR  logo
Source: BambooHR


A human resources information system (HRIS), BambooHR is a comprehensive HR automation software with a wide array of solutions for many HR processes. It has automation tools for payroll, employee engagement, time tracking, offboarding, and many others. BambooHR is easy to use and has various built-in templates, making it one of the best HR automation tools for streamlining HR tasks. logo

A cloud-based open platform, lets you create your work management tools and applications, including HR automation solutions. It provides various features like customer relationship management (CRM), software development, project management, marketing, and more. 

With over 200 templates for creating boards and automation, it can help you with onboarding, task management, checklists, communication, and collaboration, making it a versatile tool for automating HR processes.

Teamtailor logo
Source: Teamtailor


Teamtailor simplifies the hiring process with a focus on candidate sourcing and engagement for automating HR processes. Its key features include an applicant tracking system (ATS), career site builder, custom workflows, candidate relationship management (CRM), and more.

Teamtailor integrates with various apps and tools, such as Slack, LinkedIn, and job boards. It has an intuitive interface that makes navigating through the site easy, even for beginners. Contact their customer support for the pricing of this HR automation software.

Winningtemp logo
Source: Winningtemp


Winningtemp is an AI-powered employee engagement and performance management platform for automating HR processes. It collects, analyzes, and interprets employee data in real time, helping HR professionals identify issues, boost employee morale, and reduce turnover by monitoring employee sentiment and suggesting actionable insights. 

Winningtemp works by sending surveys to employees and using the data collected to help stakeholders understand how employees feel. This can promote a positive work environment that enhances productivity while automating HR processes.

Paycom logo
Source: Paycom


Paycom has features every HR professional will appreciate for automating HR processes. It can help you track applicants, onboard new hires, do payroll, and provide you with HR metrics. It has an employee self-service tool that lets them manage their paycheck, paid time off (PTOS), expenses, and benefits.

Other features of Paycom include direct wage access, background check software, tax credit service, and a learning management system (LMS)

Asana logo
Source: Asana


A powerful HR automation tool, Asana can be a valuable addition to your HR arsenal for automating HR processes. It automates workflows, improves communications, and empowers employees through its self-service options. It offers a centralized hub for consolidating all your HR documents, onboarding, performance review reminders and approvals, and a knowledge base portal.

Source: Worktango


If you’re looking to engage, inspire, and retain your employees while automating HR processes, Worktango is an excellent HR automation software and one of the best HR automation tools. Formerly known as Kazoo, it provides innovative solutions to motivate and engage employees. Its holistic Employee Experience Platform is designed with the three pillars of employee experience: Recognition & Rewards, Survey & Insights, and Goals & Feedback.

Trinet logo
Source: Trinet


Another all-in-one HR automation software and one of the best HR automation tools, Trinet simplifies hiring, onboarding, benefits, and payroll in one intuitive platform for automating HR processes. What makes this HR automation tool favored by many small businesses and startups is its affordability. It offers a complete suite of HR services, which includes payroll and tax administration, benefits administration, human capital expertise, HR risk management, and many more.

Robylon AI

Robylon AI is a powerful workflow automation platform that allows you to build AI copilots and automation tools across various business functions, including HR processes. With Robylon AI, you can create a dedicated copilot to streamline tedious manual tasks involved in HR workflows, such as onboarding, employee data management, and other routine procedures.

A standout feature of Robylon AI is its capability to record workflows within your application and publish them as automation, enabling you to automate HR processes with ease.

For example, during the onboarding process, Robylon AI can automate the creation of new employee records across systems like HRIS, payroll software, and internal databases by recording the workflow once and replicating it for subsequent data entries.


To be effective, HR automation requires a solid strategy, technical skills, and training. For a smooth transition to HR automation and automating HR processes, start by identifying inefficient processes that HR automation software might improve. Consider using real-time data collection to assist in monitoring or improving goals as well.

You can choose between specialist tools that solve a narrow range of problems or design your custom workflow across multiple web applications using platforms like Robylon AI.  With Robylon AI, you can streamline and automate complex, time-consuming tasks efficiently and seamlessly, reducing manual efforts and enhancing productivity.
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