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Top 13 AI Assistant for Marketers

Table of Content

Juggling social media posts, crafting compelling email campaigns, automating content creation and analyzing data can leave even the most organized marketer drowning in tasks. AI assistant – your secret weapon for streamlining your workflow and reclaiming precious time.

These intelligent tools go beyond basic scheduling. They leverage the power of artificial intelligence to tackle repetitive tasks, generate creative content ideas, and even gather valuable marketing insights. But with a growing market of AI assistants, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

This curated list explores the top 13 AI assistants specifically designed to empower marketers. We’ll delve into their features, strengths, pricing,  and how they can help you conquer your marketing to-do list and achieve more in less time.

1. Google AI Assistant

Need a little extra help getting things done? Look no further than Google Assistant, your built-in AI assistant available on Android phones, Google Home speakers, and Wear OS smartwatches. With just your voice (or a tap), Google Assistant can streamline your daily tasks and keep you organized.

Google Assistant - Home page - Marketing ai assistant

Key Features

Effortless Task Management

Set reminders, make calls, send texts, and check the weather – all hands-free with voice commands. No more switching between apps or remembering long to-do lists.

Instant Information Access

Need to know the latest news, check traffic before your commute, or find the nearest coffee shop? Google ai Assistant has you covered. Get answers and information on the fly, keeping you informed and efficient.

Smart Reminders

Never miss an important appointment or forget where you parked. Google AI  Assistant can remember details for you and send timely reminders, keeping your schedule on track.

Personalized AI Assistant with Gemini

This exciting new feature integrates Google’s AI Assistant Gemini, offering even more powerful assistance. Assistant with Gemini can access your Gmail, Docs, and Drive, helping you write email replies, create content, and find important information quickly.

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a powerful AI assistant that can revolutionize how you approach tasks and automates content creation.

ChatGPT - Home page

Key Features

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Give ChatGPT a prompt in plain English, and it uses its advanced NLP capabilities to understand your request and deliver helpful, conversational responses.

Content Creation

Stuck for blog post ideas? Writer’s block got you down? ChatGPT can generate and automate content ideas, outlines, and even write drafts based on your prompts.

Research Assistant

Need market research data, competitor analysis, or buyer persona development? ChatGPT can help you gather publicly available information and compile it for you.

Multilingual Master

Overcome language barriers. ChatGPT can translate text between languages, making communication and content creation seamless.

Editing and Proofreading

Ensure your writing is polished and error-free. ChatGPT can identify typos, improve sentence clarity, and suggest ways to enhance your writing’s impact.

Knowledge on Demand

Learning a new subject or need a quick explainer on a complex topic? ChatGPT can break down information into clear, easy-to-understand terms.

Coding Companion

Stuck on a coding problem? Need help with specific code snippets? ChatGPT can assist you with generating code in various languages like HTML, Python, and Javascript, or even create Excel formulas.

3. Semrush Copilot

Semrush Copilot, your free AI assistant within the Semrush platform, streamlines your SEO workflow by delivering personalized insights and actionable recommendations.

Semrush copilot- Home page - Marketing ai assistant

Key Features

Instant SEO Snapshot

Log in to Semrush and see a clear picture of your website’s SEO health. No time wasted sifting through individual tools!

Data-Driven Guidance

Copilot leverages Semrush’s massive data pool and expert SEO insights to power its AI algorithms.

Personalized Recommendations

Copilot analyzes your specific project and delivers tailored suggestions to address your unique SEO needs.

Actionable Steps

Copilot links you directly to relevant Semrush tools for seamless implementation of its recommendations.

4. MarketingBlocks

Imagine a tireless teammate who can automate content creation in minutes – website copy, ad copy, landing pages, videos, emails, graphics, chatbots, and more. MarketingBlocks’ AI assistant, Ethan, is here to supercharge your marketing efforts and free you up to focus on strategy and execution.

MarketingBlocks - Home page

Key Features

Generate Human-Quality Marketing Assets

Simply tell Ethan your niche or product details, and he’ll create original content based on your keywords.

Boost Content Creation Speed

Overcome writer’s block and meet deadlines with ease. Ethan helps you generate and automate content creation concepts and drafts in a fraction of the time.

Go Beyond Text

Need video content or audio for podcasts? Ethan can transform your text into engaging videos with real people or avatars, or write and convert scripts to audio.

Important to Note: While Ethan is a powerful tool, the content he generates may require some edits to match your brand voice and specific needs. However, it provides a fantastic starting point and saves you significant time and effort.

5. AI Video Marketing Automator

AI Video Marketing Automator uses artificial intelligence to transform your existing content and automate content creation, like blog posts, into professional-looking videos in seconds.

AI Video Marketing automater - Home page - Marketing ai assistant

Key Features

Effortless Video Creation

Paste a URL, choose an illustration style (3D, hand-drawn, simple), and click “Create Video.” The AI assistant takes care of the rest. Use existing content: FAQs, reviews, case studies, company news, how-to guides – all become video material.

AI-Powered Content Generation

Stuck for video ideas? No problem! Let an AI assistant generate content based on a topic or product description.

Seamless Editing & Customization

The AI drafts a video with text, images, and human-like voiceover. You’re in control! Customize voice, music, and style to perfectly match your brand.

Multiple Video Formats

Export your finished video in landscape, portrait, or square format – perfect for any platform.

6. SEO Writing Assistant

SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) is an AI-assistant, trained on Semrush’s industry-leading data, analyzes and optimizes your content to compete with the top performers.

SEO Writing assistant - Home page

Key Features

Effortlessly Improve Your SEO Score

Paste your draft or existing content into SWA and receive a score out of 10. Accompanying this score are clear, actionable recommendations specifically tailored to improve your content’s search engine visibility.

Real-Time Insights

Integrate SWA with your favorite writing platform like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or WordPress. Get instant feedback and suggestions as you write, ensuring your content stays on track for SEO success from the very beginning.

Go Beyond Basic SEO

SWA automates content creation and analyzes your content for more than just keywords. It checks for readability, originality, and even ensures your writing maintains a consistent tone of voice.

Unlock the Power of AI Features

SWA’s AI Assistant goes beyond analysis. Need to rephrase a clunky sentence? Stuck on thin content? Use SWA’s AI features to rephrase, simplify, expand, or summarize your writing.

Boost Creativity with Ask AI

Generate new ideas and add value to your content with Ask AI. This innovative feature acts like a smart assistant, crafting responses based on your prompts, helping you build on existing ideas and create truly compelling content.

7. AI Social Content Generator

Feeling the pressure to keep your social media feeds fresh with engaging content? We’ve all been there. But what if there was a way to overcome that automating content creation hurdle and get back to focusing on what you do best?

Enter AI Social Content Generator, your AI-powered assistant for crafting click-worthy social media posts.

AI Social Content Generator - Home page - Marketing ai assistant

Key Features

Brainstorming Made Easy

Stranded for ideas? Give AI Social Content Generator a broad theme – anything from a new product launch to industry trends – and let it do the heavy lifting.

Content Variety at Your Fingertips

AI Social Content Generator goes beyond static text posts and automates content creation. Generate creative memes, visually-appealing carousels, eye-catching quotes, and even transform text into engaging video content for platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Customization is Key

While AI provides a great starting point, every post is yours to refine. Don’t like the initial draft? Simply click thumbs down for a new option. Want a specific tone of voice or brand font? AI Social Content Generator lets you personalize your content for maximum impact.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Uncover what’s working for your competitors with the Competitor Analysis feature. Analyze their top-performing post types, trending topics, and optimal posting times to refine your own strategy and outshine the competition.

8. ContentShake AI

Content Shake AI can be your weapon  to generate fresh content ideas and stay on top of your publishing schedule. This innovative tool leverages AI to streamline your content creation process, saving you time and effort.

ContentShake AI - Home page

Key Features

Breakthrough Idea Blocks

Automates Content Creation and Generates high-quality content ideas based on real data. Content Shake AI assistant analyzes your audience, competitors, and current trends to suggest topics that resonate with your readers and drive results. No more staring at a blank page wondering “what to write about next?”

Effortless Content Creation

Content Shake AI’s “Compose with AI” feature utilizes generative AI to write and rewrite sections of your content in just one click. This empowers you to create content faster, while still maintaining control over the style and tone.

Built-in SEO Optimization

Write content that ranks! Content Shake AI assistant integrates with Semrush data, providing real-time suggestions to improve your content’s SEO performance. Ensure your articles are optimized for search engines, leading to increased organic traffic and visibility.

Streamlined Workflow

Save time by managing and automating the content creation process within Content Shake AI. From idea generation to writing assistance, you can automate content creation steps without switching between different tools. Plus, one-click publishing to WordPress allows you to seamlessly publish your content directly from the platform.

Collaboration Made Easy

Content Shake AI assistant facilitates seamless collaboration within your team. Once you’re happy with your content, you can easily transfer it to Google Docs for team review and editing.

9. Superhuman

Superhuman boasts an AI assistant that can save you a whopping four hours per week. This translates to over 10 million hours saved for teams annually, according to Superhuman.

Superhuman- Home page - Marketing ai assistant

Key Features

Smart Inbox Organization

Superhuman’s “Split Inbox” feature automatically sorts emails from your team, clients, and notifications. This helps you prioritize important messages and avoid missing opportunities.

Snooze for Later

Not ready to deal with an email right now? Snooze it for a more convenient time, ensuring you don’t forget to address it later.

Follow-up Reminders

Superhuman acts as your memory jog. Set reminders to follow up with important emails, ensuring deals don’t slip through the cracks.

Read Receipts & Device Insights

Know exactly when and how your emails are being viewed. This helps tailor your follow-up approach for maximum impact.

AI-powered Writing Assistant

Superhuman uses generative AI to assist you in crafting compelling subject lines and email bodies. Real-time autocorrect keeps typos at bay, saving you editing time.

Important Note: Superhuman’s AI writing assistant is there to supplement, not replace, your writing skills. It’s a time-saving tool to get you started, but you’ll still want to personalize and edit for optimal impact.


Struggling to create eye-catching ad copy and visuals that convert? Look no further than, your one-stop shop for AI-powered ad creation. - Home page

Key Features

Effortless Ad Generation uses a massive database of successful ads to generate custom ad copy and visuals within minutes. No design skills required!

Boost Conversions

Tired of low click-through rates? uses AI to craft compelling messaging that resonates with your target audience, increasing the chances of conversion.

Complete Ad Packages

Don’t waste time piecing together ad elements. automates content creation and generates everything you need, including professional-grade product photos, for a cohesive ad presentation.

Scalable Ad Production

Need to create multiple ads for different campaigns? AdCreative AI Assistant can handle it! Effortlessly generate a variety of ad variations to test and optimize your campaigns.

Streamlined Workflow

Integrate ad creation seamlessly into your existing workflow. Manage everything from copywriting to image selection within the user-friendly platform.


Ever miss a key point in a meeting or struggle to keep up with fast-paced discussions? is your secret weapon for conquering meeting overload. - Home page - Marketing ai assistant

Key Features

Real-time Transcription uses advanced AI to transcribe meetings live, capturing every word spoken in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet calls. No more scrambling to remember what was said – you’ll have a clear record for future reference.

Automatic Slide Capture automatically captures and integrates slides presented during meetings, providing valuable context alongside your notes. No need to manually download or save slides – they’re all conveniently organized within your meeting record.

AI Meeting Assistant

OtterPilot – This is where truly shines! Imagine having a virtual assistant dedicated to meetings. OtterPilot uses conversational AI to:

  • Catch You Up: Joined a meeting late? No worries! Ask OtterPilot for a quick summary of what you missed.
  • Answer Questions: Need clarification on a specific point discussed earlier? Just ask OtterPilot, and it will use real-time transcriptions to provide instant answers.
  • Generate Content: OtterPilot can even help you automate content creation based on meeting discussions. Need a follow-up email summarizing key points? OtterPilot can draft it for you!

Collaboration Made Easy

Share your meeting notes and collaborate with teammates. Discuss key takeaways, ask follow-up questions within the platform, and leverage OtterPilot’s assistance together.

Effortless Summarization

After a meeting, quickly grasp the essence with OtterPilot’s automated summaries. Identify key decisions, action items, and next steps – all in one place.

12. Motion

Feeling overwhelmed by endless tasks and missed deadlines? Motion is here to change that. It’s your personal AI assistant that uses smarts, not just space, on your schedule.

Motion - Home page

Key Features

Effortless Prioritization

Motion’s AI assistant analyzes your tasks and schedules them based on importance, ensuring you focus on what truly matters.

Dynamic Scheduling

Motion automatically adjusts your schedule as new tasks arise. Need to squeeze in a meeting? Just add it, and Motion will seamlessly integrate it into your day.

Clear Task Hierarchy

Motion uses a simple system – from “ASAP” to “Low” – to clearly define what needs immediate attention and what can wait.

Realistic Workload

Motion prevents overload by recognizing your capacity. Unfinished tasks are automatically rescheduled for the next day, ensuring a manageable workload.

Deadline Reminders

Motion assigns deadlines (hard or soft) and sends timely alerts if you’re falling behind, allowing you to adjust your schedule or pick up the pace.

Team Collaboration (Team Plan Only)

Boost teamwork with shared calendars and an activity feed. Team members can collaborate on tasks, share notes, and improve overall workflow efficiency.

13. uses the power of AI to transform your ideas into impressive slides, reports, and pitches. - Home page - Marketing ai assistant

Key Features

Effortless Design

Forget about tedious formatting and graphic design woes. Beautifu’s AI Assistant smart interface guides you through the process, letting you focus on your message.

AI-powered Assistant

Introducing DesignerBot, your personal AI assistant. Simply tell it the type of presentation you need (e.g., “Rank top streaming services”), and watch as it generates a compelling first draft.

Smart Customization

Don’t like the initial layout? offers a library of Smart Slide templates to quickly change the format and personalize your presentation.

AI-Generated Art

Need a captivating image to complement your data? Describe what you want with a simple prompt, and DesignerBot will create it on the spot for you to drag and drop onto your slides.

Context Matters’s Context AI gives DesignerBot a deeper understanding of your project. Feed it relevant articles, research papers, or even blog posts to ensure your presentations are highly focused and informative.

Leverage AI Assistants for Streamlined Workflows

By automating repetitive tasks and offering valuable insights, marketing assistants free up your time and mental energy. This enables you to focus on the bigger picture—crafting strategic campaigns, building relationships with leads, and driving revenue.

Don’t wait to harness the power of AI assistants in your marketing toolkit. Explore the options we’ve listed, find the perfect fit for your needs, and watch your marketing efficiency soar. 

To achieve even greater results, consider integrating Robylon AI into your marketing strategy. Robylon AI seamlessly merges with your company’s workflow, even if it spans multiple platforms. There’s no need to worry about any cumbersome builder logic. Simply record your workflow once, add parameters, and execute the entire workflow whenever it suits you. Schedule a demo with us to learn more about how Robylon AI can benefit your organization.


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