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Top 12 Google Sheets AI Tools to Boost Spreadsheet Productivity

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With more and more Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications hitting the market daily, the possibilities of what AI assistants and document automation tools can do are limitless. From automating routine tasks and optimizing supply chains to detecting cybersecurity threats in real-time and doing market analysis—AI use cases are as diverse as they’re extensive. One of AI’s popular applications is to enhance the capabilities of existing Google Sheets AI Automation tools.

Google Sheets are a powerhouse of task management and productivity on their own. They help with organizing data, tracking financials, and much more. However, handling large amounts of data can be time-consuming and error-prone. Fortunately, artificial intelligence has revolutionized how we use spreadsheets. There are now many document automation tools that can act like your personal Google Sheets AI assistants to automate manual spreadsheet workflows.

In this article, we’ll review the top 12 Google Sheets AI tools that can improve your productivity.

Robylon AI

Robylon AI - Build AI Copilots and Automation Tools
Source: Robylon AI

Robylon AI is a powerful platform that allows you to build AI copilots and automation tools for various software applications, including Google Sheets. You can use Robylon AI’s copilot as your Google Sheets AI assistant to streamline tedious manual processes in your spreadsheets.

A standout feature of Robylon AI is its capability to record workflows within your spreadsheets and publish them as automation. Making Robylon AI a highly customizable Google Sheets AI assistant. Simply perform the task as you normally would, and Robylon AI’s plugin will record it as a workflow. You can then edit and publish these workflows, enabling you to automate repetitive tasks in Google Sheets with ease.


ClickUp project management platform logo
Source: ClickUp

ClickUp is a holistic project management platform, which also allows for optimizing Google Sheets in a well-organized and collaborative fashion.

Using this AI Assistant tool, you can create powerful automation, such as auto-updating spreadsheets with new ClickUp Tasks, syncing statuses, and pushing time-tracking data.

ClickUp Brain can generate templates, complete spreadsheet formulas, and even summarize spreadsheet data in a structured format. This helps us in analyzing trends and making informed decisions. This AI assistant simplifies processes and eliminates manual tasks.


DocParser extracts data from docs to Google Sheets
Source: DocParser

DocParser is a document automation tool that simplifies the extraction of structured data from diverse file formats, including PDFs and scanned documents, directly into Google Sheets.

By automating this process, this Google Sheets AI assistant not only enhances efficiency but also saves precious time and effort. Experience the time-saving benefits of DocParser and effortlessly streamline data extraction into Google Sheets.


PromptLoop AI automation landing website
Source: PromptLoop

PromptLoop is an AI document automation tool that helps build spreadsheet models for transforming, extracting, or summarizing text in Google Sheets. It works like the SUM or VLOOKUP function to generate text and answers in a format.

In addition, this tool can start building on top of their data in various ways in Google Sheets, including keyword generation, sales list analysis, eCommerce listings, and email outreach with GPT formulas.

Excel Formula Bot

Excel Formula Bot conversational AI for formulas
Source: Excel Formula Bot

Excel Formula Bot is a document automation tool for Google Sheets and Excel that supports tasks beyond the usual spreadsheet formulas, such as scripts, basic tasks, regex, spreadsheet making, and SQL. A new market entrant, this AI chatbot is a game-changer for Google Sheets users.

This Google Sheets AI assistant has a GPT copilot tab, Excel Formula Bot makes complex formula creation more accessible in Google Sheets by converting plain English instructions into formulas.


 Ajelix AI productivity tool logo
Source: Ajelix

Ajelix is a SaaS product that uses AI models to write formulas, translate spreadsheets, generate templates, and create reports using AI.

This document automation tool is for data analysts and Google Sheets users to improve productivity. Using AI models and natural language processing, Ajelix understands what users want to accomplish. For example, describe the formula you need for Ajelix’s AI assistant, and it will generate the proper syntax.

Simple ML for Sheets

Image of the dashboard of  Simple ML for Sheets
Source: Simple ML for Sheets

Simple ML for sheets is an add-on for spreadsheets that allows you to solve the most common Machine Learning (ML) tasks, such as doing regression analysis and forecasting future values, and this Google Sheets AI assistant spots abnormalities in any dataset.

Anyone familiar with spreadsheets, from small business owners and to business analysts and students, can make valuable predictions automatically using this document automation tool. interface in Google Sheets for analysis
Source: simplifies your Google Sheets experience with AI-powered functions that automate repetitive tasks such as text editing. This Google Sheets AI assistant also converts input values into data analysis and visualization for pivot tables.

In addition, it lets you run variations of AI assistant prompts right inside your spreadsheets. It provides users with intuitive interface and automated data analysis capabilities that can efficiently perform average spreadsheet tasks.

XLMiner Analysis ToolPak

 XLMiner analysis tools in Google Sheets interface
Source: XLMiner Analysis ToolPark

XLMiner Analysis ToolPak offers users an advanced data analysis toolkit, which includes functionalities such as Fourier analysis, clustering, time series forecasting, and more.

By integrating XLMiner AI assistant into your Google Sheets, you can perform complex data analysis tasks in your spreadsheets. It is an ideal Google Sheets AI tool for businesses with advanced data analysis, like financial forecasting and market research.


FormulasHQ natural language formula generation
Source: FormulasHQ

FormulasHQ is a document automation tool designed to change how users interact with Google Sheets and Excel. This Google Sheets AI Assistant’s applications include crafting custom formulas based on natural language inputs in Spreadsheets, writing Apps Script or VBA codes, and constructing regex patterns for text manipulation.

This document automation tool allows users to create complex formulas or automate repetitive tasks in Spreadsheets. This doesn’t require programming expertise. This AI assistant streamlines workflows in Google Sheets.


MonkeyLearn text analysis platform logo
Source: MonkeyLearn

Are you looking to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks when processing rows of text by Google Sheets AI? MonkeyLearn’s API key, built on machine learning knowledge, automates text analysis for you in Spreadsheets.

This Google Sheets AI documentation tool helps in establishing consistent tagging criteria. This tool ensures error-free data analysis with one or more tags in a specified format and quicker spreadsheet insights. Small-to-midsize companies, marketing and sales teams, and customer service providers will find this automation tool perfect.


Coefficient data management platform logo
Source: Coefficient

Coefficient is a data management tool that enables you to automatically import and analyze large sets of data into Spreadsheets. This AI assistant quickly generates insightful visualizations and automates repetitive tasks using pre-built dashboard templates.

This document automation tool with a dynamic spreadsheet interface is currently available for Salesforce, HubSpot, Snowflake, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Thus, making it perfect for medium to large businesses handling enormous volumes of data.


AI has revolutionized how we use spreadsheets, and these top 12 AI document automation tools for Google Sheets show how powerful AI can be for businesses. Robylon AI, Coefficient, Simple ML for Sheets, and PromptLoop are all unique AI tools that can help reduce manual work, automate tasks, and improve accuracy. As artificial intelligence continues to develop rapidly, spreadsheet interfaces will likely experience significant changes. These AI document automation tools are just the beginning of a new era of innovation in spreadsheet management that can elevate your business’s productivity and analysis.


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