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Einstein GPT: Salesforce’s AI Copilot Revolutionizing CRM

Table of Content

Salesforce has unveiled Einstein GPT, an AI Copilot delivering auto-generated content within its platform to transform CRM automation. This Copilot blends public and private AI models with CRM data, producing tailored AI-generated content aligned with evolving customer needs. As the world’s most intelligent generative CRM automation solution, Einstein GPT aims to boost productivity and elevate customer experiences.

In today’s landscape, companies grapple with maintaining effective CRM Automation systems. Sending personalized emails, creating engaging content, and staying up-to-date with customer interactions and preferences can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Moreover, providing quality customer service, and delivering tailored marketing campaigns often require extensive manual effort. As enhancing customer experiences and operational efficiency becomes crucial, businesses require an intelligent AI Copilot for CRM automation. Recognizing these challenges, Salesforce has introduced Einstein GPT, a powerful AI Copilot that promises to revolutionize CRM Automation.

Salesforce Einstein GPT showcasing AI Copilot for transforming CRM.
Credits: Trantorinc

Salesforce AI Copilot

Unveiled at Dreamforce 2023, Einstein GPT is Salesforce’s groundbreaking conversational AI Copilot integrated into the side panel of all their applications. This AI Copilot allows users and customers to engage using natural language, similar to conversing with a human. Taking the next best action further, AI Copilot provides multi-step action plan suggestions that users can choose to pursue or modify. This feature aims to enhance user experience and efficiency through intuitive conversational AI capabilities.

Components of Einstein AI Copilot

The Einstein GPT Studio, a toolset complementary to the Einstein GPT AI Copilot, enables businesses to build and deploy AI-powered CRM automation applications. It comprises three components: Model Builder, Skills Builder, and Prompt Builder. With AI Copilot Studio, businesses gain authority and control over implementing generative AI to enhance user productivity while regulating which processes utilize it and the extent of its prompt influence.

Diagram of Einstein GPT AI Copilot Studio with Prompt, Skills, and Model Builders for CRM automation.

Skills Builder

The Skills Builder, a low-code tool, allows businesses to create custom AI-driven actions or “skills” without writing complex code for CRM Automation. It provides a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface where various data sources, pre-built AI models, and custom code snippets can be connected to build these skills, which act as AI-powered workflows or automation for specific tasks within the organization.

Prompt Builder

Salesforce’s Prompt Builder facilitates generating personalized content like tailored emails, social media posts, or website pages for CRM automation. It works with a large AI model that understands natural language, creating personalized, and sales-driving content for specific situations.

Einstein GPT Trust Layer

The Einstein GPT Trust Layer sets a new industry standard, allowing organizations to leverage generative AI while ensuring data privacy and security. It prevents large-language models (LLMs) from retaining sensitive customer data while maintaining data governance controls, all the while leveraging the immense potential of generative AI. This separation of sensitive data from the LLM addresses apprehensions regarding risks associated with adopting generative AI, enabling customers to fulfill their enterprise data security and compliance requirements while reaping the advantages of generative AI.

Einstein GPT Products

Diagram showing Einstein GPT AI Copilot products for business functions like marketing, sales, service, and commerce.

Einstein GPT for Service with AI Copilot

Einstein GPT for Service is a generative AI tool and Copilot that can improve customer service, field service operations, satisfaction, and decision-making for CRM Automation.

It  offers the following features:

  • Work Summaries: Creates summaries of service cases and customer engagements based on case details and customer history.
  • Knowledge Articles:  Automatically generates and updates articles based on real-time support interaction data.
  • Mobile work briefings:  Summarizes critical appointment information for field service teams before they arrive.

Einstein GPT for Marketing with AI Copilot

Marketing features of Einstein GPT AI Copilot - Segment Intelligence and Email Content Creation for CRM automation
Credits: Salesforce

Through an AI Copilot-connected interface, Einstein GPT for Marketing supports marketers in campaign briefs, audience discovery, and content creation for CRM automation.

It offers the following features:

  • Segment Intelligence: This AI Copilot feature helps marketers understand campaign performance relative to an audience segment.
  • Email Content Creation: Marketers can build email body content, create subject lines, and more automatically using the AI Copilot for CRM Automation.

Einstein GPT for Sales with AI Copilot

Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein is designed to help sales teams create more personalized and engaging content through AI Copilot. Einstein GPT can generate content that is tailored to specific customers or audiences for CRM Automation.

It offers the following features:

  • Sales Assistant: Summarizes every sales step in a side panel, from account research and meeting preparation to drafting contract clauses. Einstein GPT also automatically keeps the CRM up-to-date.
  • Sales Emails: Automatically generates personalized emails for every customer interaction using CRM data.
  • Call Summaries: Transcribes and summarizes calls, then sets follow-up actions based on the transcription.

Einstein GPT for Commerce Cloud with AI Copilot

Einstein GPT AI Copilot for Commerce - Goals-based commerce and Dynamic product descriptions for CRM automation.
Credits: Mygreatlearning

Commerce Cloud Einstein GPT is a generative AI Copilot tool that provides

personalized commerce experiences throughout the entire buyer’s journey for CRM Automation. This AI Copilot generates auto-generated recommendations, content, and communications based on real-time data from the data cloud.

It offers the following features:

  • Goals-based commerce: The AI Copilot tool helps businesses set goals, and also provides actionable insights to meet them.
  • Dynamic product descriptions: With Commerce Cloud Einstein GPT, alleviating the work of creating product descriptions, new storefronts launch faster than ever thanks to CRM Automation.

How does Einstein GPT help Developers?

 Illustration of AI Copilot assisting developers with code suggestions and efficiency.

This generative AI Copilot aids developers and IT teams in accelerating software development speed and efficiency for CRM automation. This AI Copilot is integrated into the Salesforce Platform, understanding code to provide writing suggestions while ensuring security. It also scans for vulnerabilities and offers inline code suggestions directly.

Einstein GPT AI Copilot for Workflow Automation

The Einstein GPT AI Copilot allows users to create workflows based on a single text prompt, streamlining CRM Automation. For example, a user can type “I want a workflow that notifies sales reps when a lead becomes an opportunity.” The AI Copilot then generates the corresponding workflow code automatically.


Salesforce’s Einstein GPT carries high expectations, but the company has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring the AI remains safe and secure while maintaining its capabilities. As we begin to leverage AI Copilots like Einstein GPT extensively, it will be exciting to witness the various use cases and applications they can enable across different domains.

As the adoption of AI copilots gains momentum across industries, it’s evident that this technology is no longer exclusive to tech giants like Salesforce. Robylon AI is making AI copilots accessible to businesses of all sizes. We build AI copilots that can guide, help, and take actions on behalf of users using conversational prompts. The AI Copilots intelligently interpret user commands, seamlessly decompose them into actionable tasks, and execute them from start to finish. They can schedule tasks, execute actions across multiple platforms like Google Sheets, Notion, etc., and much more.


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